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Portrait of Katie


My name is Katie and I represent Harlow in the YEA. I chose to join because I love my county and my town and want to help all of my peers to be appreciated and respected as they should be – not be ignored due to age. Outside of the YEA I enjoy being a cadet and performing in productions.

Portrait of Bryony


Hi, my name is Bryony. I joined the YEA because I thought the idea of children working together to try to change the county of Essex was interesting. I want to try and help change Essex by getting peoples voices heard. I like reading writing and debating.

Portrait of Precious


Hello my name is Precious and I am 14 and I represent Harlow. I enjoy cooking, dancing, making new friends and science. I joined the YEA because I believe it is a place where the voices of youths can be heard and acted upon. I hope to raise awareness on curriculum for life, knife crime and mental health.

Portrait of Esther


Hi my name is Esther, I joined the YEA in order to let the young people of Essex voices to be heard and to make Essex a better place and try to help the community. I enjoy reading and maths.