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Epping Forest

Portrait of Eleanor


Hola mi uamo Eleanor, meaning hello my name is Eleanor. I have always been interested in three things politics, traveling and public speaking hence the language and my role in the YEA. I strongly believe when I read this back in the future YEA would have led the youth in the right direction to be a leaders.

Portrait of Laiba


Hi my name is Laiba and I joined the YEA to help out my community and make a difference in curriculum for life. I like to do fun activities and sports except hand ball. I am an elected member for Epping Forest

Portrait of Aliza


Hi my name is Aliza, I love making new friends and trying new activities. My favourite subjects are maths and art. I also enjoy playing the piano. I have joined the YEA to help others and be confident.

Portrait of Daniel


My name is Daniel and I represent Epping Forest. I joined the YEA to be able to voice the opinions of youth on gangs, drugs, knife crime and mental health. I enjoy helping others and having an opinion so therefore look forward to my time on the YEA.

Portrait of Hannah


Hi my name is Hannah and I’m an elected member of the YEA since the elections in December 2018. I love playing sports such as Badminton, football and swimming. For our residential we went to Kingswood in Norfolk and I had a great time making new friends and participating in the different activities. I hope to enjoy more moments like this.

Portrait of Caitlin


I’m Caitlin an I’m 15. I enjoy reading, Netflix and I love my dogs. I joined the YEA to give people in my area a voice. I want to put an end to knife crime and lower transport costs on school buses.