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Hi, I’m and I represent Brentwood in the YEA. I joined the YEA because I am a politics students and the vice chair of the YSG in Brentwood. Through the YEA I am aiming to represent young people in a positive light and aim to promote equality in Essex. In my free time I do ju jitsu and help out my local youth service.



Hi! My name is Linnae and I’m elected for Brentwood. I’m part of the YEA because I firmly believe people’s voices can have a positive impact on society. In my free time I do performing arts, golf and Taekwondo. Through the YEA I hope to achieve to enrich young people’s lives.

Portrait of India


Hi I’m India and I’m 15. I want to represent and a give a voice to those in my area, via my role in the YEA. During my time I wish to achieve a better understanding on topics like mental health for young people. In my spare time I enjoy Taekwondo and water polo.

Portrait of Davinia


I’m Davinia, I represent Brentwood in the YEA and I have recently been elected to represent Essex in the UK Youth Parliament. I believe in helping young people and addressing issues that affect them. I enjoy boxing and acting.

 Portrait of Tiwalayo

Tiwalayo (Youth Voice Champion)

Hi my name is Tiwalayo and I am 13. I love science and films especially the MCU and DC films (Dr Strange is the best!) I am in my schools STEM team and I take part in engineering courses in Procat College. I am in the YEA to help people and this in the best way to do it.