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Portrait of Charli


Hi I’m Charli from Braintree. The YEA is a Great opportunity for me to listen to people’s views and build a better future. I found out about the YEA through friends and it added to my other activities I take part in such as performing arts

Portrait of Laura


Hi I’m Laura from Braintree. I have been on the YEA for 3 years. During this time I have been a part of many different projects and taken on different roles including organising a music and wellbeing festival and a youth voice conference for Essex Schools.

Portrait of Ben


Hello my name is Ben. I am very interested in media and game designing. I joined the YEA because I like making a difference to young people who are in care or with family. I enjoy helping others and making a difference I also enjoy meeting up with my mates.

Portrait of Emily


Hi I’m Emily and I’ve been on the YEA for 2 years. The YEA has given me so many skills including public speaking and leadership skills. I have made lots of new friends. Outside of the YEA I am a part of my school council and round square committee. I also enjoy drawing and reading.

Portrait of Charlotte


Hello my name is Charlotte. I joined the YEA in January 2019. I joined after an assembly about it in my school and thought I’d give it ago. So far I have enjoyed every moment. I’ve made friends from all different schools. I have no regrets in joining the YEA it is one of the best things I have done.

Portrait of Bethany


Hi I’m Beth. This is my first time on the YEA. I first heard about the YEA in my school and I would recommend joining as its life changing. I enjoy signing, acting and listening to music. I also take part in scouts.

Portrait of Megan


Hi my name is Megan. I am passionate about the YEA. I joined the YEA because I want to make Essex better. I enjoy being a part of the YEA as it makes me feel more confident within myself. I want to try and get peoples own opinions heard. I am from the Braintree district.