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Youth Voice Champion

Interested in being a voice for young people in your community, but don’t have time to commit to being a full YEA Member?  Then you can be a ‘Youth Voice Champion’.

Youth Voice Champions (YVCs) will be an important link for the YEA on the ground, letting us know what young people in your local areas what think on a range of subjects and taking part in consultations which will inform decision makers in the council and other organisations.

As a YVC, you will also have the opportunity to champion the YEA’s projects, such as taking the 101 poster into your schools or youth clubs and letting people know when good opportunities come up, such as taking part in conferences with councillors, police and crime commissioner or other relevant people.

You will also be invited into key YEA events, and kept in the loop with what they are up to.

If you are interested, then please contact for more information.