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Portrait of Aanum


Hello, my name is Aanum and I representative for castle point. I am also apart of student voice and castle point youth council. I really enjoy being a part of YEA because I am a part of a community of open minded individuals who listen.



Hello my name is Corey and I represent Castle Point. I love acting and I’m good at public speaking. I like helping others whenever possible. This is my first year doing the Young Essex Assembly and I’m looking forward to using my strengths to benefit others.



Hi I’m Bailey and I’m 13. I enjoy programming and politics and reading. I represent Castle Point in the YEA and I am treasurer in Castle point youth council. I wish to bring more attention to the curriculum for life and help schools introduce this.

Portrait of Tamsen


I’m Tamsen and I’m 14. I represent Castle Point. I enjoy being chairperson of the Castle point youth council, I also enjoy cycling and dancing as well as playing with my dog. I joined the YEA because I wanted to help the youth in my area and give them a voice.

Portrait of Iris


Hi I’m Iris. I have been a member of the YEA since January 2019. I am also a part of my local youth council and do sports. So far I have made many friends and have enjoyed the activities we have done and have learnt to show my opinion and work as a team.