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BYC Annual Conference Meeting

21 September 2016
Members of the British Youth Council chatting on steps.

The day began with an early start: up at 5:30am and out of the house at 7am for a two hour drive up to Coventry for a 9:30am start.

Just after 9am we arrived at the venue which was a church. We signed in, got our lanyards and got a seat in the room where the Annual Council meeting would be held.

With refreshments available, we sat down with our teas and coffees and waited for it to start.

While waiting we met a few of the people who were running for BYC officers. We got the usual welcome and started with the voting.

Over the course of the day, we voted for people to run for certain positions such as trustees and honorary presidents.

We also voted for motions where we listened to au person from a group such as Guides or NUS to add things to the BYC policy such as more Sex Education in schools or better transport in more rural areas.

We had lunch also and during that time got to talk with the other groups that were voting that day.

At around 4:30pm when we had finished voting and had the end speech, we left and headed for our journey home. Our journey home was fun and didn’t take too long.

Overall the day was a very good experience as it was interesting to listen to people's background and how BYC had helped them develop their skills and also in a way help people to get what they think would help their community or the whole of England like improving children's Sex Education knowledge or making it easier for people who live in rural areas to have access to transport.