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Zoe's story

Close up image of Zoe from the Young Essex AssemblyHello, my name is Zoe, I am 18 years old and I’ve been a member of the Young Essex Assembly for 4 years.

I got involved with the YEA through a youth group I was a part of at the time. Before I joined I didn’t know what the YEA was about and I hadn’t heard about it before. When I joined, I wanted to get involved with helping make decisions that affected me and other young people my age, living in Essex.

During my time at the YEA:

  • I’ve made speeches at youth conferences including the European Union
  • I have been able to talk to young people in their local area and discuss issues that are affecting them.
  • I was also involved in shaping the new CAMHS (Children and Mental Health Service), designed by young people for young people. Through the YEA I was also awarded a Jack Petchey for outstanding commitment.

The YEA needs commitment and patience when it comes to things you care about. If you want to make a difference in your area, especially across Essex then the YEA is where you need to be.

You can’t have your say if you’re not involved.